Algenta-Vet Injection


Conveniently administered through IM and IV route.
Cattle & buffaloes:1.0ml/ 25kg body weight.
Sheep & goats: 0.5ml/10kg body weight
Poultry: 0.05ml/ 1kg body weight
Administer, 1st day 2 doses ( 8-12 hours interval).
From 2nd day once daily for 3-5 days.

Product Description

Effective against mastitis, endemetritis, cystitis, nephritis, dermatitis, shipping fever, brucellosis, haerrhgic septicemia and various bacterial diseases in cattle, buffaloes, sheep & goats. Also effective against CRD,CCRD, infectious coryza, bacterial enteritis, staphyloccosis and various bacterial diseases in poultry.

Product Features

Generic Name Gentamycin sulphate
Pack Size 10ml, 100ml