Fatisol-Vet Injection


Horse,Cattle & Buffaloes : 10-25ml
Sheep & Goat : 2 -5 ml
Poultry : 0.5-1 ml. in 1-2 liter drinking water.

Product Description

It is usually prescribed in acute or chronic metabolic disorders caused by deficiencies resulting from poor nutrition, inadequate management or during/after convalesce stage of disease .In treatment of tetanus and paresis this drug is given in addition to Ca and Mg therapy.
It is used as a roborant in cases of stress, overexertion, exhaustion and reduced resistance , aided as a tonic in case of weakness, secondary anemia and as a support of muscular physiology.

Product Features

Generic Name Butaphosphan INN, Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12)
Pack Size 10 ml & 100 ml