It is a great pleasure to introduce Al-Madina Group, which indeed symbolizes on identity of professional achievement of excellence and outstanding performance of its subsidiary companies. The process began in June, 2007 under the leadership of AL-HAJJ MD. ZAKIR HOSSAIN PATOWARY. An ambitious energetic leader has a paramount importance to develop a business and he is such a pioneer. Since the last 10 years his ideas and business philosophies has been the single most contributing factor to shape and guide the destiny of Al-Madina Group and its subsidiary companies.

Al-Madina Group is one of the illustrious star in the business sky of Bangladesh being the path to business world. Our business is built on intellectual capital on creative ideas from our people that set up a chain reaction of added value for the market, our products, our customers and ultimately of our business.

The pharmaceutical field of Al-Madina Group has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification for Quality Management System. We are proud for our ability to manufacture and market Quality products.

Today, Al-Madina Group is one of the larger conglomerates of Bangladesh and flourished in business Industries including Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing, Land Development, Commercial Banking, International Trade, Milk & Dairy Products, Agro & Poultry Products and Pharmaceutical Industry. At last, I would like to thank all of our staffs and officers for putting their tremendous effort since these years. This is ensuring the group’s continuous growth, driving forward from one millennium to the next with renewed vigor and ever improving results.